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Documenting the history of debate over Redis' consistency model.
Several case studies about the nitty gritty of scaling Elasticsearch for practical applications. Common threads include the split brain problem, indexing/refresh rates, filter construction, and configuration performance enhancements.
Haskell is often thought of as a scary, academic language used to frighten undergrads out of the university and into the real world of commercial computing. This guide shows how Haskell is an amazing practical language which will make your programs faster, smaller, easier to maintain, and more bug free. And you will feel smart as heck for writing them.
An example-heavy introduction to 1) analyzing the elements that make up clear, compelling artistic compositions; 2) identifying common compositional blunders; and 3) constructing novel compositions for your own work.
This guide provides a compendium of Selenium WebDriver resources to help beginners or advanced users learn about the Browser Test Automation framework. The guide also includes various other platforms and tools that allow you to build out a Test Automation Framework.